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UAE Virtual Assets Regulator Confirms Full Cooperation from Islamic Coin Issuer

Islamic Coin’s Developer Demonstrates Full Compliance with UAE Regulatory Authority

In line with recent digital asset news, there has been a remarkable level of cooperation from Bored Gen DMCC – the entity behind the issuance of Islamic Coin, in a regulation audit by the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) from the UAE. While their full compliance has been recorded, there are more formalities that need to be squared off before launching the Islamic Coin (ISLM) within the Dubai market. Sources reveal that these include the acquisition of requisite approvals.

Transparent Measures Undertaken by Bored Gen

VARA revealed in its investigations that the entity issuing the Islamic Coin, Bored Gen DMCC (BG), had not held back in its cooperation throughout the inquiry into the coin’s issuance, marketing, and distribution. Furthermore, BG is said to have implemented a series of necessary measures, among them put into place proper public disclosures to enhance market confidence.

However, on November 16, VARA identified that all ongoing matters of contention and object of the active investigation were purely from a technical non-compliance perspective. It emphasized that BG has to procure the necessary clearances before any move to distribute the Islamic Coin in the Dubai market. In their statement, VARA maintained that BG could continue operational activities not related to VA activities in principle, as long as continual engagement was maintained with VARA along with fulfillment of all requisite regulatory requirements imposed.

It can be noted that VARA had initially suspended the sale and distribution of ISLM as it was assessed that BG did not have the necessary authorization for the same.

An Evaluation of the Issuer versus Developing Entity

In an interesting twist, declarations made on behalf of BG suggest that there might be misunderstanding surrounding BG’s involvement with ISLM. BG is not the issuer of the token as originally stated by VARA. BG, instead, is a developer entity committed to creating core components including the Haqq Wallet and Launchpad. This token, as per the declarations, was first released on the Republic platform, a publicly controlled body within the United States.

Furthermore, the initial sales of the token supposedly followed the due diligence as per the US and non-US investors, under respective regulations. The key takeaway here was that Dubai was explicitly excluded from this sale.

How Immediate Connect App Can Aid in this Scenario

In light of these developments, innovative solutions such as the Immediate Connect app can be invaluable in such situations. It can help streamline the process of acquiring the proper regulatory approvals and facilitate compliance with regulatory authorities. Immediate Connect app could also ensure the dissemination of transparent and accurate information, minimizing any potential misunderstandings, and ensuring constant communication between all parties involved. In the dynamic, complex, and rapidly-evolving world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, Immediate Connect app could be a valuable tool for organizations like BG to operate effectively while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is the role of the UAE Virtual Assets Regulator?

The UAE Virtual Assets Regulator is responsible for overseeing and regulating virtual assets within the United Arab Emirates. Its role is to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, protect the interests of investors, and maintain the integrity and stability of the virtual assets market.

2. What does it mean for an Islamic coin issuer to confirm full cooperation with the UAE Virtual Assets Regulator?

When an Islamic coin issuer confirms full cooperation with the UAE Virtual Assets Regulator, it means that they are willingly working hand in hand with the regulator to ensure compliance with Islamic principles and all applicable regulations. This includes providing necessary documentation, adhering to transparency requirements, and cooperating in any regulatory inspections or audits.

3. How does the confirmation of full cooperation benefit investors in virtual assets?

The confirmation of full cooperation from an Islamic coin issuer with the UAE Virtual Assets Regulator provides reassurance to investors. It signifies that the issuer is committed to following ethical and compliant practices aligned with Islamic principles. This helps build trust and confidence among investors, thereby reducing risks associated with fraudulent or non-compliant activities in the virtual assets market.

4. Does confirming full cooperation with the regulator indicate that the Islamic coin issuer is fully compliant with Shariah principles?

Confirming full cooperation with the UAE Virtual Assets Regulator does not automatically guarantee full compliance with Shariah principles. While it demonstrates a commitment to regulatory compliance, Shariah compliance requires adherence to a set of specific Islamic principles, which may be separately evaluated and certified by recognized Shariah advisory bodies. Investors should ensure that the issuer has obtained relevant Shariah certifications to ensure compliance with their ethical requirements.

5. What measures are in place to ensure transparency and integrity in the operations of Islamic coin issuers?

The UAE Virtual Assets Regulator mandates strict transparency and integrity requirements for Islamic coin issuers. These measures include comprehensive reporting obligations, regular audits and inspections, and stringent record-keeping requirements. Additionally, the regulator may conduct thorough due diligence on the issuers, ensuring their compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

6. How can investors verify the authenticity and compliance of Islamic coin issuers?

Investors can verify the authenticity and compliance of Islamic coin issuers by conducting thorough research and due diligence. They should review the issuer’s regulatory filings, disclosure statements, and any Shariah certifications obtained. Additionally, seeking advice from reputable financial advisors or consulting recognized Shariah advisory bodies can provide further assurance regarding the authenticity and compliance of the issuer.

7. What are the consequences for Islamic coin issuers found non-compliant with regulations and Shariah principles?

Islamic coin issuers found non-compliant with regulations and Shariah principles may face severe consequences. These can include fines, penalties, suspension or revocation of licenses, reputational damage, and legal action from affected investors. The UAE Virtual Assets Regulator takes non-compliance seriously to maintain the integrity of the virtual assets market and protect the interests of investors.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.