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Meet Our Talented Team

Say hello to the dedicated and hardworking folks who make Immediate Connect tick. They’re the ones who bring you top-notch trading tools that help you shine in the market. Our team, packed with innovative thinkers and industry insiders, is always there for you, providing the guidance you need to take your profits to the next level.

  • Luke Harrison


    Rooted in quantum computing and fintech, Luke helms our trajectory, securing our position at the cutting edge of Immediate Connect. His leadership is characterized by an unwavering passion for pioneering advancements and a dedication to cultivating a workspace that nurtures original, inventive problem-solving.

  • Kyle Chan


    A seasoned technology expert with a profound grasp of AI and quantum algorithms, Kyle guides our tech roadmap, forging innovative solutions, and redefining the attainable. He is a future-minded individual who thrives on transforming bold visions into groundbreaking offerings.

  • Brian Sinclair

    VP of Engineering

    Brian's exceptional engineering acumen, married with his financial market insight, powers our platform's efficiency and durability. At the helm of a high-performing team, he ensures our tech framework is fine-tuned for rapid, secure, and reliable trading performance.

  • Aaron Malik

    Director of Marketing

    Leveraging vast experience in fintech marketing, Aaron crafts and executes inventive marketing tactics that augment our brand visibility and attract a varied demographic. His talent lies in demystifying complex technologies, making them accessible and engaging to both investors and users alike.

  • Daniel Huang

    Senior Data Analyst

    Daniel deploys his analytical prowess to extract valuable insights from enormous data, enhancing our AI's predictive strength. His aptitude for decoding market patterns and data irregularities enables us to maintain a competitive edge in the ever-changing financial realm.

  • Rachel Lee

    AI Researcher

    Rachel's proficiency in machine learning and quantum computation is pivotal in finetuning our trading algorithms. Her enthusiasm for exploring innovative methods and techniques fuels the improvement of our platform's predictive precision and efficiency.

  • Rebecca Taylor

    AI Researcher

    Specializing in the application of cutting-edge AI research to our trading platform, Rebecca's innovative methodology ensures our AI models remain responsive and potent, delivering a flawless and highly effective trading journey for our clientele.

  • Michael Stone

    AI Architect

    As our AI Architect, Michael shapes the foundational structures of our AI systems, guaranteeing their scalability, resilience, and efficacy. His deep-rooted understanding of quantum computing and machine learning is key in constructing AI frameworks capable of handling high-frequency, rapid trading.

  • Matthew Walker

    AI Developer

    Matthew fuses his quantum computing know-how with hands-on AI development expertise to actualize our platform's avant-garde functionalities. His unwavering quest for code refinement assures our system operates seamlessly and effectively, capitalizing on the quantum advantage.

Elevate your trading to new heights

Embark on a revolutionary asset trading journey with Immediate Connect - an extraordinary blend of artificial intelligence and big data, unlocking unparalleled trading capabilities. Empower yourself to conquer the markets with remarkable precision and finesse. Experience the future of trading today.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.