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About us

Our assembly of veteran traders and AI specialists have engineered Immediate Connect, a supreme trading platform offering unprecedented precision and speed.

At our essence, we are an assembly of enthusiastic individuals from international backgrounds, collaboratively working towards revolutionizing trading for the future.

The team at Immediate Connect is committed to transforming the trading landscape by leveraging the potency of artificial intelligence. We hold the conviction that merging seasoned trader insights with cutting-edge technology enables us to craft a trading platform delivering unrivaled precision, agility, and profit generation.

Our global team, comprised of devoted professionals, brings a distinctive viewpoint to the fore, and we continuously strive to remain at the vanguard, integrating the newest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and finance into our platform. We have faith in the synergy of human intellect and machine intelligence, anticipating that this amalgamation will give birth to a trading experience that is truly groundbreaking.


Founded company

Immediate Connect was established with a mission to remodel the trading sector using the potent capabilities of artificial intelligence.


Secured funding

The firm procured a significant investment of $5 million, enabling the further evolution of the platform and the enlargement of our team.


Beta release

Immediate Connect’s beta version was rolled out, inviting users to experiment with the platform and offer constructive feedback to our dedicated team of developers.


Global launch

Immediate Connect made its groundbreaking product available worldwide, delivering state-of-the-art trading technology to a global audience. This marked a notable milestone in the company’s quest to redefine the trading industry.

Elevate your trading to new heights

Embark on a revolutionary asset trading journey with Immediate Connect - an extraordinary blend of artificial intelligence and big data, unlocking unparalleled trading capabilities. Empower yourself to conquer the markets with remarkable precision and finesse. Experience the future of trading today.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.