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Successful Grimace Community: MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars

The Unforgettable Triumph of the Grimace Community: A Multimillion-Dollar Defeat for MEXC

Just before bidding adieu to the year, Grimace’s developer initiated a remarkable event, presenting the followers with millions worth of gifts, entirely funded by MEXC Exchange. This came as a result of MEXC, a renowned platform, moving against the Grimace user-base and bypassing their consent, hence, displaying the token on their futures market.

Beginning and Evolution: The Comprehensive Examination of the Cold War

Grimace stood apart in the year 2023, catching attention as a remarkable crypto project. Its early supporters not only became wealthy but also participated actively in charity work. The streets were filled with free charity giveaways, and numerous games like poker, chess, Dota 2, Counter-Strike were conducted. These events included rap battles as well, all carrying prizes worth ten thousand dollars and more.

The opportunity to list Grimace first appeared on the MEXC on the 12th of June, 2023. The token enjoyed immense popularity due to the exchange’s low fee offering. However, the course of goodwill changed when MEXC took a unilateral decision to put up the token on the futures market in October. This led to clear manipulation and urges by Odysseus for users to take their tokens off MEXC and shift the total liquidity to BitGet, practically wiping out MEXC’s order book. As a direct result, the share of tokens on MEXC experienced a dramatic drop from 40% to a mere 1.5%.

After several unsuccessful negotiations, Odysseus issued an important instruction for the community. He asked them to position limit orders for long positions at $45-46 on Grimace futures below $40. After executing these instructions, the price fell and then soared to $90, making it an affordable move due to the lack of activity in the spot market.

Meanwhile, the MEXC’s arbitrage bot, which generally benefits from the difference in price, lost all of its funds. These funds were then transferred into the hands of the Grimace community.

Victory Day, 19th December – A Milestone Triumph for the Grimace Community

That particular evening, Odysseus hosted a live session on the INV TRADING channel, a well-known trading platform. He pledged to create a New Year’s event live, with a goal to bring riches to his followers on a larger scale this time. The plan- giving leverage to his followers by inflating prices all paid by the exchange.

He first accomplished the limit orders at $35-45 and then with a deft move, he escalated the price a hundred times reaching $358 per coin. His followers received maximum profits. At the same time, prices rushed to $852 in the spot market. MEXC’s arbitrage bot was unable to match the sudden surge due to insufficient funds, thereby allowing Odysseus’s followers and INV TRADING to seize the advantages.

The delisting notice was released an hour after this series of events. Despite typically being announced a month or a week in advance, in this case, users only had under two days to wrap up their positions.

The definitive victory belonged to Grimace after this event and has now been under the limelight of the global cryptocurrency community.

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Frequently asked Questions

1. What is MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars?

MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars refers to a recent event where MEXC, a successful grimace community, made a significant financial contribution, amounting to millions of dollars, to a certain cause or project.

2. How did MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars come about?

MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars was initiated by the community leaders who recognized the need for a substantial financial support to bring about a positive change. Through collective efforts and donations, MEXC raised millions of dollars to fulfill this purpose.

3. What was the motivation behind MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars?

The motivation behind MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars was to make a lasting impact by investing in a cause that aligns with the community’s values and objectives. By contributing a significant amount of money, MEXC aimed to create positive change and improve the lives of individuals or communities in need.

4. Which specific cause or project did MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars support?

The specific cause or project supported by MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars may vary depending on the circumstance or the community’s focus. It could range from funding educational initiatives, supporting healthcare facilities, promoting environmental conservation, or aiding disaster relief efforts among others.

5. How will MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars impact the intended beneficiaries?

MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars is expected to have a significant impact on the intended beneficiaries. Whether it is through improved access to education, enhanced healthcare services, environmental rehabilitation, or disaster recovery support, the financial contribution from MEXC will play a crucial role in uplifting the lives and well-being of the individuals or communities involved.

6. How can individuals or organizations get involved in MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars?

To get involved in MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars, individuals or organizations can reach out to the community leaders or the designated contact person to inquire about the ongoing fundraising efforts or express their desire to contribute. Depending on the project or cause, there may be various ways to support, such as making monetary donations, volunteering time and skills, or spreading awareness about the initiative.

7. What are the long-term goals of MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars?

The long-term goals of MEXC’s Surrender Worth Millions of Dollars may vary based on the community’s vision and values. However, some common objectives often include creating sustainable change, fostering community resilience, promoting social equity, and inspiring others to take part in similar initiatives. Through these long-term goals, MEXC aims to build a legacy of positive impact and encourage a culture of giving and support within the grimace community.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.