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Global South Holds the Key to Saving BTC as Bitcoin Sells Out in the West, says Ray Youssef

The Potential for BTC to Thrive in The Global South

Ray Youssef, the CEO of a new peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin trading platform Noones, recently shared his views about the potential future of bitcoin trading. Youssef believes that the potential for bitcoin in the Global South is so great that it could pose a serious threat to the U.S. Treasury system. He further claims that the U.S. does not welcome this development because they fully understand the power of P2P commerce in emancipating the economy of the Global South.

The Evolution Towards a Bitcoin Medium of Exchange

Youssef, recently appointed as CEO of Noones, expressed that the potential returns from leading a P2P platform far outweigh the inherent risks. He dismisses spotlight on SEC-approved spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as the crucial driver for bitcoin adoption in the coming years, especially in Africa. According to him, many people in the continent are already adopting Bitcoin as a medium of exchange which is its primary use case.

Youssef champions the importance of active feedback and complaint handling, stating that these play crucial roles in helping companies to significantly improve their product or service. He shared insights into his tumultuous 2023, which began with his departure from Paxful, but ended on a high with his appointment as the CEO of Noones.

Youssef as CEO of Noones: Despite facing a lawsuit at the start of 2023, Youssef emerged through the storm and kept his reputation intact. He left Paxful without owning any shares or receiving any pay but managed to have his lawsuit dismissed and resolve all outstanding issues. He attributes his resilience to two factors: the importance of the opportunity before us and his faith in God.

The Global South, which includes countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, constitutes 80% of the world’s population but possesses less than 20% of global wealth, with the majority of wealth being concentrated in the West. According to Youssef, a well-maintained matrix of financial apartheid has prevented the Global South from prospering. Youssef is confident that Bitcoin and P2P commerce, facilitated by Noones and a vast arena of OTC transactions, can dismantle these barriers. As a result, he sees immense wealth being generated from the ground up and a peer-to-peer world rising, led by the Global South’s youth.

Preparation for Possible Regulatory Control

Youssef about the potential threat of U.S. Regulatory Control: Anticipating potential regulatory concerns, Youssef outlined that P2P might be considered a threat in the U.S. He, however, cautions not to undervalue the might of the U.S. Treasury system. Noones, under his leadership, does not plan to involve itself in the West. Unlike Binance, which tried to enter all jurisdictions, Noones plans to collaborate with the most reputable and innovative regulators worldwide. While he commends Binance’s bold move, he believes that this placed the company in a vulnerable position.

To Decipher Cryptocurrency

Youssef contradicts the belief that the lack of understanding about cryptocurrency causes African regulators to follow western regulations. Instead, he insists on the need for a new financial architect, one that can create a Pan-African Renaissance. He believes that education and collective empowerment play crucial roles in achieving this transformation.

Noones is positioned to set the standard for providing users with practical financial education that many wish to receive in schools. The team at Noones gives high importance to maintaining complete transparency, with every interaction with a user being treated as a valuable opportunity to upgrade their product.

Youssef’s Take on BTC Predictions: He doesn’t concur with the opinion that the SEC’s approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs is the main driver for Bullish predictions for BTC. Specifically, in Africa, BTC has already gained substantial ground, and it is being used as a medium of exchange. He signifies the importance of P2P transactions, which are 10 times higher than official volumes.

Immediate Connect as a Solution

Our Immediate Connect app could significantly contribute to this vision. It could simplify the process of BTC trading by providing a secure platform for transactions, improving payment efficiency, and facilitating access to BTC trading for people in the Global South. Moreover, our app’s user-friendly interface will ensure that everyone, even those new to the world of trading, will find it easy to navigate, thereby driving more widespread adoption of BTC as an exchange medium.

Frequently asked Questions

1. How is the Global South playing a crucial role in saving Bitcoin?

The Global South, comprising developing countries, holds significant potential for saving Bitcoin due to its increasing adoption and utilization of cryptocurrencies. As traditional financial systems in these regions often lack stability and accessibility, Bitcoin offers a decentralized alternative that allows individuals to have full control over their assets. This growing interest in Bitcoin from the Global South can help drive its adoption and maintain its value.

2. Why is Bitcoin selling out in the West?

Bitcoin’s popularity has surged in the West, leading to increased demand and scarcity. As more individuals and institutional investors recognize Bitcoin as a viable investment and a hedge against inflation, the limited supply becomes more sought after. This surge in demand often results in Bitcoin selling out in the West, with prices rising due to the supply-demand dynamics.

3. What factors contribute to the Global South’s interest in Bitcoin?

Several factors contribute to the Global South’s interest in Bitcoin. Firstly, the lack of reliable banking infrastructure and limited access to traditional financial services make cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin particularly appealing. Additionally, the potential for significant returns on investment and the ability to participate in global financial markets without intermediaries attract individuals from the Global South to Bitcoin.

4. How does Bitcoin’s adoption in the Global South impact its value?

The adoption of Bitcoin in the Global South can positively impact its value. As more individuals and businesses from these regions start using Bitcoin, its utility and acceptance increase. This, in turn, can lead to greater liquidity and stability in the Bitcoin market. As a result, the Global South’s participation in the Bitcoin ecosystem plays a crucial role in preserving its value and expanding its global reach.

5. Are there any challenges the Global South faces in saving Bitcoin?

While the Global South holds immense potential for Bitcoin, it also faces certain challenges. The lack of widespread internet access, limited knowledge about cryptocurrencies, and regulatory uncertainties in some countries can hinder the adoption and saving of Bitcoin. However, efforts are being made to address these challenges through educational initiatives, improved infrastructure, and regulatory frameworks that promote innovation and financial inclusion.

6. How can Bitcoin benefit the economies of the Global South?

Bitcoin can benefit the economies of the Global South in multiple ways. Firstly, it provides individuals with an alternative store of value and means of transferring funds internationally, bypassing traditional financial systems. This can increase financial inclusion and empower individuals with limited access to banking services. Additionally, Bitcoin can attract foreign investments and stimulate economic growth by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within these economies.

7. What role can the Global South play in shaping the future of Bitcoin?

The Global South has the potential to play a significant role in shaping the future of Bitcoin. As these regions continue to embrace cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, they can drive innovation and contribute to the development of more inclusive and efficient financial systems. By leveraging their unique challenges and opportunities, the Global South can bring fresh perspectives and solutions to the Bitcoin ecosystem, ultimately influencing its trajectory on a global scale.

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