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Bullish Acquires Crypto Media Powerhouse Coindesk in an All-Cash Mega Deal

Acquisition of Crypto Media Outlet Coindesk by Bullish

The landscape of cryptocurrency media industry is quickly evolving to match the rapid pace of the crypto world itself. Recently, we saw a major power move within this field. Bullish, a firm directed by the ex-president of New York Stock Exchange, Tom Farley, has acquired Coindesk, a premier cryptocurrency media publication. The details about the purchase amount are obscure, only suggesting that the transaction was a cash-on-cash deal. This pivotal acquisition comes on the heels of another major deal in which Singapore based Web3 venture capital behemoth, Foresight Ventures, bought a chief stake in the popular publication, The Block.

Bullish, the New Captain of Coindesk Ship

Acquired by Bullish, the reputable cryptocurrency news outlet, Coindesk, has seen itself change hands once again since its establishment in 2013. The first significant shift of ownership occurred back in 2016, when the company was bought by Digital Currency Group (DCG), a venture capital firm led by Barry Silbert. Now, Bullish is at the helm. The company Synergizes cryptocurrency institutional exchange and Automated Market Making (AMM) technology, operating as an extension under the vast umbrella of

During the announcement of the sale, a proud Barry Silbert showered the progress made by Coindesk with praises. The once “small blog about Bitcoin” has transformed itself into an award-winning media and events company and a trusted source of information for digital assets. Under the new ownership of and Bullish, the growth of Coindesk towards achieving greater milestones is expected to be uncompromised., the parent company of Bullish and creator of EOS blockchain, is known for rolling out one of the most significant initial coin offerings (ICOs) in history. They are also among the largest Bitcoin (BTC) holders. The firm has raised a total of $4.1 billion and has made investments in an array of more than 47 different companies and projects. Prominent investors backing include Bitmain, Peter Thiel, Alan Howard, Fenbushi Capital, Tally Capital, Galaxy Interactive, C3 Ventures, Animoca Brands, Andreessen Horowitz, and Heliad.

As part of the post-acquisition plan, Coindesk plans to create an editorially independent committee. Matt Murray will be serving the team as the Chairman of the Editorial Committee. Matt was The Wall Street Journal’s Ex Editor-in-Chief. Kevin Worth, the CEO of Coindesk, expressed his thoughts about the tough year for the industry and emphasized trust as being a paramount prerequisite for the future of digital assets. He looks forward to carving a proud, independent path for Coindesk under Matt’s guidance.

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Frequently asked Questions

1. Why did Bullish acquire Coindesk?

Bullish acquired Coindesk as part of its strategic expansion plan to strengthen its presence in the cryptocurrency industry and leverage Coindesk’s expertise and reputation as a leading media powerhouse.

2. How does this acquisition benefit Bullish?

By acquiring Coindesk, Bullish gains access to a wider audience and establishes itself as a prominent player in the crypto media industry. This acquisition also allows Bullish to enhance its brand image and credibility within the cryptocurrency community.

3. Will Coindesk continue to operate independently?

Yes, Coindesk will continue to operate independently under the Bullish umbrella. The acquisition aims to provide Coindesk with additional resources and support to further expand its operations and maintain its editorial independence.

4. What are the implications of this all-cash mega deal?

The all-cash mega deal signifies Bullish’s strong commitment to investing in the crypto media industry. It showcases the company’s confidence in Coindesk’s value and potential, as well as its determination to lead the market by acquiring established players.

5. How will the acquisition impact the cryptocurrency market?

The acquisition of Coindesk by Bullish is expected to have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency market. It will likely lead to increased coverage and analysis of crypto-related news, further fostering the growth and awareness of cryptocurrencies among investors and enthusiasts.

6. What changes can we expect to see in Coindesk’s operations?

While Coindesk will maintain its independent operations, the acquisition may lead to improvements in terms of resources and technology, allowing Coindesk to enhance its content offerings, expand its reach, and provide even more valuable insights and analysis to its readers.

7. What does this acquisition mean for the future of Bullish and Coindesk?

This acquisition is a significant milestone for both Bullish and Coindesk. For Bullish, it solidifies its position as a major player in the cryptocurrency industry, while Coindesk gains access to the resources and support of a larger organization, enabling it to continue its growth trajectory and provide high-quality crypto news and analysis.

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